A Guide to MTMIS vehicle verification in Punjab

Vehicle Verification Detail:

To check vehicle details through MTMIS Punjab you can follow these steps:

Visit the official website:

Visit the official MTMIS Punjab website on your browser. The URL may change over time, so it's best to search for "MTMIS Punjab" in your preferred search engine to find the correct and up-to-date website.

Enter Vehicle Information:

On the website's main page, you will typically find a form where you can enter the vehicle Registration Number or Vehicle Number plate. After entering the required information, clear captcha and click on the "Submit" or "Search" button to submit your query

View Vehicle Details:

The system will retrieve the information associated with the provided vehicle details and display it on the screen. This information may include the owner detail, make, maker, engine number, token tax detail application status and more.

Please keep in mind that based on any modifications or changes made to the MTMIS Punjab website, the actual method and information offered may vary slightly. Check the website again for the most accurate and up-to-date instructions.. It's important to use this service responsibly and only for legitimate purposes, such as verifying the details of a vehicle you are interested in buying or ensuring that your own vehicle's information is up-to-date.

Application Tracking:

MTMIS PUNJAB now allows to track your application or status of biometric verification by entering the Application/Tracking Number and Chassis No of required Vehicle. To track your application number, you can follow these steps

Visit the Official MTMIS Punjab Website:

Open your web browser and go to the official MTMIS Punjab website. And at the right top corner please click on application tracking

Enter Application/Tracking number:

On the website's main page, youneed to enter relevant Vehicle Application/Tracking number and Chassis number and clear reCaptcha. After entering the required information, click on the "Submit" or "Track" button to submit your query.

View Application Status:

The system will retrieve the status of your application, and it should be displayed on the screen. This status may include whether the application is pending, approved, or rejected, as well as any other relevant information.

Tracking your application through the official website is usually the most convenient and accessible method. If you encounter any issues or need more specific assistance, you can contact the relevant authorities or helpline provided by MTMIS Punjab for further guidance.

Details Available through MTMIS Online Vehicle Verification:

Users only need to enter the vehicle's registration number into MTMIS Punjab to get information about it. The verification method is quick and easy to use and user’s friendly

Information Provided by MTMIS:

The Motor Transport Management Information System (MTMIS) in Punjab, Pakistan, provides various details about registered vehicles. Here are the typical details available through MTMIS Punjab, Pakistan:

Vehicle Registration Information:

You can verify the registration status of a vehicle, including the registration number, registration date, and expiry date.

Vehicle Owner Information:

You may be able to access the name and contact details of the registered owner of the vehicle.

Vehicle Make and Model:

Information about the make and model of the vehicle should be available.

Engine and Chassis Numbers:

You can often verify the engine and chassis numbers of the vehicle, helping ensure that they match the information provided in the vehicle's documents.

Vehicle Token Tax Payment Status:

You can check whether the vehicle owner has paid the required token tax, which is a form of road tax.

Vehicle Token Tax Amount:

The system may provide information about the amount of token tax due or paid for the vehicle.

Vehicle Color:

Some systems may provide information about the color of the vehicle.

Vehicle Type:

You can find out whether the vehicle is a car, motorcycle, truck, or another type of vehicle.

Application Tracking:

You might be able to access information about the biometric verification through application tracking.

Vehicle Fitness Status:

Information about the fitness or roadworthiness status of the vehicle may be available.

Previous Ownership History:

You might be able to access information about the previous owners of the vehicle, which can be useful for verifying its history.

You'll need the vehicle's registration number to get to these information through MTMIS Punjab. You can get this number by going to the website or using one of the mobile apps. For protection and privacy reasons, only people who are allowed to see some information may be able to see it. This could include law enforcement agencies and other government departments.